Unlicensed games are titles released without approval from Nintendo.

Unlicensed games are titles released without approval from Nintendo.

TitleYearPublisher6 in 1 1992 Caltron
Action 52 1991 Active Enterprises
After Burner 1989 Tengen
Alien Syndrome 1988 Tengen
Baby Boomer 1989 Color Dreams
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril[9] 2010[9] Sivak Games[9]
Bee 52 1992 Camerica
Bible Adventures 1990 Wisdom Tree
Bible Buffet 1993 Wisdom Tree
Big Nose Freaks Out 1992 Camerica
Big Nose the Caveman 1991 Camerica
Blackjack 1992 American Video Entertainment
Bubble Bath Babes 1991 Panesian
Captain Comic - The Adventure 1989 Color Dreams
Castle of Deceit 1990 Bunch Games
Challenge of the Dragon 1990 Color Dreams
Cheetahmen II 1993 Active Enterprises
Chiller 1990 American Game Cartridges (NA)

Crystal Mines 1989 Color Dreams
Death Race 1990 American Game Cartridges
Deathbots 1990 American Video Entertainment
Dizzy the Adventurer 1993 Codemasters
Double Strike 1990 American Video Entertainment (NA)

Dudes with Attitude 1990 American Video Entertainment
Exodus 1990 Wisdom Tree
F-15 City War 1990 American Video Entertainment (NA)

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy 1993 Camerica (NA)
Codemasters (EU)

Fantasy Zone 1989 Tengen
Firehawk 1989 Camerica
Galactic Crusader 1990 Bunch Games
Gauntlet 1987 Tengen
Hot Slots 1991 Panesian
Impossible Mission II 1989 American Video Entertainment
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1988 Tengen
Joshua & the Battle of Jericho 1992 Wisdom Tree
King Neptune's Adventure 1990 Color Dreams
King of Kings: The Early Years 1991 Wisdom Tree
Klax 1990 Tengen
Krazy Kreatures 1990 American Video Entertainment
Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade 1991 Camerica
Little Red Hood 1989 HES
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu 1989 Color Dreams
Maxi 15 1992 American Video Entertainment
Menace Beach 1990 Color Dreams
Mermaids of Atlantis 1991 American Video Entertainment
Metal Fighter 1989 Color Dreams
Micro Machines 1991 Camerica
Mig 29 Soviet Fighter 1989 Camerica
Mission Cobra 1990 Bunch Games
Moon Ranger 1990 Bunch Games
Ms. Pac Man 1990 Tengen
Operation Secret Storm 1991 Color Dreams
Pac-Man 1988 Tengen
Pac-Mania 1990 Tengen
Peek-A-Boo Poker 1991 Panesian
Pesterminator 1990 Color Dreams
P'radikus Conflict 1990 Color Dreams
Puzzle 1990 American Video Entertainment
Pyramid 1990 American Video Entertainment
Quattro Adventure 1991 Camerica
Quattro Arcade 1991 Camerica
Quattro Sports 1991 Camerica
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II 1991 American Video Entertainment
Raid 2020 1989 Color Dreams
R.B.I. Baseball 1988 Tengen
R.B.I. Baseball 2 1990 Tengen
R.B.I. Baseball 3 1991 Tengen
Road Runner 1989 Tengen
Robodemons 1990 Color Dreams
Rolling Thunder 1988 Tengen
Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise 1991 Color Dreams
Shinobi 1989 Tengen
Shockwave 1990 American Game Cartridges
Silent Assault 1990 Color Dreams
Skull & Crossbones 1990 Tengen
Solitaire 1992 American Video Entertainment
Spiritual Warfare 1992 Wisdom Tree
Stunt Kids 1992 Camerica
Sunday Funday 1995 Wisdom Tree
Super Sprint 1989 Tengen
Tagin' Dragon 1990 Bunch Games
Tetris 1989 Tengen
Tiles of Fate 1990 American Video Entertainment
Toobin' 1989 Tengen
Trolls on Treasure Island 1994 American Video Entertainment
Ultimate League Soccer 1991 American Video Entertainment
The Ultimate Stuntman 1990 Camerica
Venice Beach Volleyball 1991 American Video Entertainment
Vindicators 1988 Tengen
Wally Bear and the NO! Gang 1992 American Video Entertainment

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