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Cyberia is a science fiction action adventure video game originally released for MS-DOS in January 1994, and released two years later on the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and 3DO consoles. A sequel, Cyberia 2: Resurrection, was released in 1995 for both DOS and Windows 9x formats.

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Cyberia is set in the near future of the year 2027, five years after a global economic collapse. The world is under the dominion of two opposing superpowers, the First World Alliance in the west and the Cartel in the east. Devlin, the leader of the FWA, receives word that a devastating weapon is being produced in a secret base in Siberia, referred to as the Cyberia Complex. Curious to unravel the mysteries of this weapon, Devlin pardons a cyber-hacker named Zebulon Pike (Zak) and charges him with the task of infiltrating the Complex and retrieving intel on the weapon being produced there.

Already getting wind of Cyberia's secret operations, the Cartel seizes control of the Complex with the same goal as the FWA–to discover the nature of the super weapon being produced by a third party. Zak is scheduled to rendezvous with an oil rig run by an FWA-contracted mercenary group to pick up a TF-22 TransFighter, a sophisticated aircraft that will ensure Zak's arrival at the Cyberia Complex. The oil rig is attacked by the Cartel and the mercenaries, sensing betrayal, move to kill Zak by hunting him down and sabotaging the TF-22. Zak eventually steals the TF-22 and travels through several hostile locales en route to the Cyberia Complex; a mountain range infested with Cartel hoverfighters, a Cartel-run oceanlab, and a commuter tunnel are among the places visited by Zak. Eventually, the TF-22 reaches the Cyberia Complex and Zak proceeds to wreak havoc on the Cartel's analysis efforts.

Zak being stopped by the mercenary Gia aboard a rig

While exploring the Complex, Zak encounters more than Cartel soldiers, as he is forced to eradicate the Complex scientists' experimental virus. After purging the virus from the Complex, Zak uncovers the Cyberia weapon, an amorphous collection of miniature robots, or nanites, that has achieved sentience. The sentient being informs Zak that the cyber-hacker himself is a weapon, and reveals that a large-scale explosive device has been implanted into Zak's brain. Upon reaching the Cyberia weapon, Devlin had intended to detonate the device from orbit, eliminating the weapon and killing Zak simultaneously. Zak, frustrated over Devlin's betrayal, merges with the Cyberia weapon which defuses the explosive device in Zak's head. Together, Zak and the Cyberia machine launch into space to confront Devlin in the FWA space station. The station's defenses are slowly crippled until the Cyberia machine and Zak make the final move and kill the treacherous Devlin by destroying the station. The resulting shockwave causes the Cyberia/Zak amalgamation to lose consciousness while it plummets to Earth. Upon crashing, an FWA retrieval team led by a Doctor Corbin is heard hoisting up the remains of Cyberia/Zak into a helicopter.

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