Dinky Dino

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You scroll through different activity icons using "Left" and "Right" keys.
The "Enter" button accepts your selection
The "Esc" button takes you backwards in menus and ends a function (e.g. the the game).
The "Clock" button is quite self explanatory. You can enter the clock screen when you press it.

When you take the tab out or reset by pressing the buttons on the backside, your Dinkie will hatch. First you will be asked to set the clock. Use the "Right" key to decide wether to set hours or minutes. Press "Left" to change the flashing number. When you are set hit "Enter" to confirm the time. Whenthe hatching animation has finished it's time to take care of your baby Dinkie.

If you want to set the clock again press "Esc" and "Enter for a few seconds in the main screen, not the clock screen. It should take you to clock screen with the time freezed. Hit "Enter" to get the numbers flashing and set the time as instructed above.

If you want to mute Dinkie, hold down "Left" and "Right" for a second and do it again to un-mute.

Different activities and how to use them

Drink Game
Food Study
Lights Bath
Discipline Air conditioning
Info Doctor

Give your Dino something to drink. Remember to check from the "Info" if your pet is thirsty or not. It will refuse to drink if it's not thirsty.Food
You will come up with different choices to feed for your Dino. There is hamburger, chicken leg, apple, carrot and noodles. What you feed for your Dino will affect its growth. Hamburgers and chicken legs are for the T-rex dino, apples and carrots for the vegetarian Brontosaurus and noodles for Triceratops Dino. You can read more about them in the growths section of this site. Some foods fill Dinkie more than others. In the chart below you can see how much is each worth. There is also Ice cream. It isn't too good for your Dinos health. It affects to your Dinos weight, and also if you feed it too much Ice cream it will get sick!

½ Plates Chicken
1 Plates Apple
? Plates Carrot
? Plates Ice Cream
0 Plates Noodles
½ Plates

You can turn the lights on or off. When your Dino goes to sleep you need to turn them off but at the morning when it wakes up the lights will go on automatically.Discipline
I'm not sure if that is correct name for it or not - oh well. With this icon you can pet your Dino to give it some attention. By petting it you will make sure that it doesn't become angry or too naughty.Info

Happiness meter
It's presented as a face. If it is a happy laughing face your dinkie is happy, but if it is neutral or evensad your Dinkie wants to play with you.
School grade
The grades go from A+ to E-, A+ being the best. You should try to keep your dinos school grade as high as possible to keep it well disciplined.
Weight and age
They are quite easy to understand, aren't they?
There is four food plates. If they are all empty your Dino is very hungry! Try to keep them filled at all times. :)
There are four glasses. If they are all full you are doing fine. If not, give your Dino something to drink!
The ideal temperature of your Dinos surroundings is 25°C. Your Dino will also beep when it is too hot or too cold so you will know when to turn the airconditioner on or off.
Here you can play with your Dino to keep it happy. The game is traditional rock-paper-scissors. Choose your choise with "Left" and "Right" buttons and accept it with "Enter". The goal is to let Dino win so it'll be happy. Dinkie uses rock more often than paper or scissors so the best choise is to always choose scissors. I tested this out once. It might not work every time, but in the long hand it is effective. You can also try your luck too and play how you like. :) Every time Dinkie wins its happiness meter goes up one notch. There are 6 different stages including the sad. So if Dinkie is very sad, you have to get it to win 5 times for it to be ultra-happy. When you don't want to play more press the "Esc" button to end the game.Study
When you select it your Dino will study. It's good to keep your pets school grades high, isn't it? Each time Dinkie studies its grade goes up one notch from E- -> D+ -> C+ -> B+ -> A+Bath
When your Dino gets dirty you need to give it a bath. You will see when your Dino needs cleaning. Dinos like mud you know. ;) It will beep and flash black and white. Just press the "Bath" icon and your Dino will go to the shower.Air conditioning
Use it to keep your Dinos surrounding temperature good for it. The ideal temperature is 25°C. Your Dino will beep when there is too cold or too hot. It is shaking if there is too cold or it is angry if there is too hot. There is a small catch. If you try to anticipate the temperature by turning on the airconditioning at 31°C the temperature would still continue to rise to the point when Dinkie beeps. So it's pretty pointless to anticipate it.

Cold Hot

Use it if your Dino gets sick. It can get sick from eating too much Ice cream or being too long in too cold temperature. Also if you are neglecting your Dino it will get sick. When it does get sick and you have given it medicine Dinkie will be healthy again. But all your Dinos stats reset. That means it will be sad, hungry and thirsty. You need to take care of it immediately!Keep your Dinkie happy and it will evolve faster!

The last one, 4-in-1 Dinkie pet is very rare and is extremely hard to find. Same goes for the Dinkie Puppy, I haven't seem them at all. Penguins and Aliens can be seen on eBay sometimes but they too are hard to find like all Dinkies. Only the Dinkie Dino has many fakes. The others don't have them so much.
This site is only about the Dinkie Dino, but the others are very similar to it. Only the evolutions and shell design are different.

If you have your own dinkie you can check if it's real by checking few things. In the genuine the buttons are rubber-like material, some fakes have plastic buttons. If the shell is any other colour thank mentioned before it's a fake. You can compare the graphics of the pet to the ones on this site, they should match perfectly.

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