Let's....Play...Plumbers don't wear ties (3DO)

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In the early 1990s, John and Jane are both Los Angeles locals who are being pressured by their respective parents to find a suitable spouse. John is a plumber who is told by his mother to go to her house with John's current girlfriend, Amy, for dinner at 6:00 pm, and Jane is a college student, who is considered a "Daddy's Girl," going to a prospective job interview. John and Jane both meet in a parking lot, and John instantly falls in love with Jane, calling her "Perfect." John decides not to go to work and stays in the parking lot to wait for Jane to leave from her job interview so he can meet Jane again. Around this time, it is revealed that the game is being narrated by Harry Armis.
When Jane is at the interview, Jane's prospective boss, Mark Thresher, attempts to rape her after telling her to have sex with him to get a job, and eventually Jane runs away from Mark. When John finds her being chased by Mark, John comes in and saves her, and Mark, Jane and John end up in the middle of an abandoned house. Around this time, Harry Armis is replaced by a female narrator. She is shot multiple times by Armis, who then returns as narrator.
After the chase, Mark tries to pay Jane for sex. Jane refuses the offer, after John tells him that Jane loves him, and that she wants to marry him for a lifetime. John and Jane both walk out of the house and Mark is going to get arrested after calling the police, and John and Jane live happily ever after.

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