Rare Mighty Beans

  Mighty Beans 5.00 each
Mighty Beanz are collectible toys manufactured by Moose Enterprises, a corporation headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Moose launched Mighty Beanz in the Australian market in 2002; the toy launched in the United States that summer. They are recommended for children 5 years and older.
An individual Mighty Bean is a three dimensional ovaloid with small flat circular ends on either side, rather like a large plastic capsule, approximately one inch long. The beans are characterized by a small metal ball inside which is free to move about the capsule. Each Bean is decorated with a character's likeness—usually an animal, a monster or a caricatured human. Besides the five main series of Mighty Beanz, Moose also produced licensed Beanz based on Marvel superheroes, The Simpsons, Pok√©mon, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Mighty Beanz have become a large collector's commodity and prices vary on sites such as Ebay based on rarity of the Beanz.
Some Mighty Beanz caricature famous people, such as Elvis Presley (#1, "Rock N' Roll Bean"); Hulk Hogan (#18, "Tuff Bean"); Steve Irwin (#86, "Bush Ranger Bean"); Leonard Nimoy (#105, "Space Trek Bean"); Pamela Anderson (#165, "Life Saver Bean"); and Jimi Hendrix (#177, "Rock Legend Bean").
The original first five "series" of Mighty Beanz were designed by Melbourne Illustrator Mark Sheard. As a little nod to the illustrator his image was immortalised on #59 "Data Bean".
Series 1 had 60 Beanz numbered 1-60, arranged into teams of five, and could be stored in a red carry case the same shape as a bean profile, with a label for each bean space and the name of the bean displayed.
Series 2 had 70 Beanz numbered 61-130, in teams of five, the last ten Beanz being glow-in-the-dark Beanz.
Series 3 reverted to a 60 Beanz lineup numbered 131-190, the last ten being color-change Beanz. The carry case was green, and the Beanz were arranged in pairs, e.g. Cobra Bean and Snake Charmer Bean.
Series 4 again had 60 Beanz, numbered 191-250. This time the teams had 3 Beanz each, every third Bean being a "Mega" Bean of larger dimensions. The dimensions are so different that these Beanz will not run on the regular Bean tracks. These Mega Beanz have two holes in each end, to allow the passage of air if a Bean was swallowed.
Series 5, actually named Bean Bodz Series 1, again numbered 60 Beanz in total, 251-310. Each Bean had a matching rubbery body in which it could be displayed. These were available in 4 Bean/4 Bodz packs.
Three Mighty Beanz Racetracks were produced on which to run the Beanz in pairs; Ultimate Jump Park, Collision Chaos, and Super S-Bend. Each racetrack came with two special edition Beanz, which did not have numbers printed on them. In addition to these three regular racetracks, two limited edition Special Collector's Tins were released, each having a limited run of 15,000 units. The ten Beanz included in each Tin are gold colored, reusing characters Series 1 with the same reference numbers.
A Trick Track or Flip Track was introduced, to do tricks on. The track was one solid piece, 13.5" long with widened ends, and a target marked in the center.
A keychain Trick Track Keychain was also released, with a mini-Bean version of a character from Series 1. The mini-Beanz were not numbered. Twelve different characters were released in this form.

Mighty Beans 10.00 each