Riddle of the Sphinx imagic Atari 2600

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Riddle of the Sphinx is an adventure game created by Imagic, and truly one of their most complex games for the Atari 2600. You are the son of a Pharaoh, who must traverse the desert of Egypt in search of great treasures which must be offered at various temples in order to appease the ancient gods and lift a curse off of Egypt. The trek is not easy, however, as the prince must deal with thieves, fatigue, and thirst. In addition, the player must keep an eye on their status by using the right difficulty switch and the TV-type switch to change the status views. The right joystick is used to select items, while the left moves the prince and throws rocks at enemies. Attacking thieves with rocks results in bonus points, while actions like attacking a trader or a god will result in points being lost. The prince can also be attacked by scorpions and thieves, in addition to sustaining damage for angering a god. Time heals wounds, and oases will cure the prince's thirst. Riddle of the Sphinx is a fairly complex game, meaning that one should read the manual before playing. Once you figure out what you need to do, it's a very unique and fun game.
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