ROBOT TANK ActiVision Atari 2600

Robot Tank is Activision's attempt at the Atari arcade game Battlezone. This game, like many of Activision's titles, is quite fast-paced, and features gameplay that requires quick reflexes as you dodge enemy fire while trying to squeeze off the perfect shot at enemy tanks. An indirect hit will damage your tank, possibly causing your tank to become slow and cumbersome, or even disrupt your sight or radar capabilities. Like another Activision title, Enduro, Robot Tank requires you to play during different environmental conditions. Score high enough, and you could add another Activision patch to your collection. In this case Activision rewarded three different "Tank Corps" patches, each one reflecting a minimum number of enemy kills. The patches awarded were: Medal of Merit (48 enemy tanks), Cross of Excellence (60 enemy tanks), and the Star of Honor (72 enemy tanks).

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