Super are Vintage Legend of Zelda trophy figure with score card

Set of 6 trophy figures that were manufactured and released on 1988 by Hasbro for Nintendo of America.
These trophy figures are based on original The Legend of Zelda.
Each trophy figures shows Link in mid-battle with various enemies from the game, with a dungeon background behind them.
The base of each figures has a scorecard sticker where you can write your name, the high score, and the date you achieved the score. A replacement sticker also came in the box, if you beat your own record.
These figures were rewards for excelling at the game.
Each figure stands approximately 4 inches tall.
The names for these figures are:-
Gibdo Attacks Link
Link Fights the Head of Gleeok
A Keese Descends on Link
A Trap Attacks Link
Link Boomerangs a Gohma
Link Battles Zola

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