Super mario bros anime full movie

from yoshiart:In 1986, long before Super Mario Bros. Super Show first hit the air, a 60-minute long anime movie, called Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen (Translation: "The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach"), was produced and released in Japan.

This film is now extremely rare, and almost impossible to find, even inside Japan. However, our friend and fellow admin Dino Dude was lucky enough to find a couple of videoclips from this very rare anime.

Since the upload by Dino Dude, one of our forum members, Cryoshi, had acquired all parts and offered them for download in the forums. Cryoshi has credited former youtube member Mendinso for supplying the videotape. His name appears in the bottom-right corner per his request.

So, I am putting them online here for you all to enjoy! I hope you like them.

footage from mendinso so he ripped the footage

(C)Nintendo and mendinso for the footage

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