Tamagotchi Angel

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The Tamagotchi Angel is the same size and shell as the original Tamagotchi; however, has also two angel wings on the sides of the screen. The wings are silver on the pink and blue designs, and gold on the white. The English-exclusive yellow design features gold wings. There are stars surrounding the screen, with the logo at the top. The back of the screen is designed to appear as a shooting star.
While early releases of the Japanese models featured the original Tamagotchi icons, the later releases had newly designed icons exclusive to the Angel. The toilet icon, represented by a butt with wings, was later changed to a roll of toilet paper for the international release.

Angel Power (initialed AP, also known as てんしパワー Tenshi Power, or TP) Is a special feature that replaces weight. This feature may increase by eating candy. While you are eating candy, a bat might show up and try to eat the candy, making your angel mad. Tenshi points are mainly affected in teen, adult, and special stages. Tenshi points might also decrease if: - You miss prayer calls - If you leave your Tamagotchi Angel alone for a period of time.

The Tamagotchi Angel has a motion sensor and a sound sensor which are used for scaring away bats that appear when eating candies, and for calling the Tamagotchi back from strolls. The motion sensor reacts when it senses taps on the case of the Tamagotchi or when the Tamagotchi is being shaken. The sound sensor reacts to loud noises.

A door image sometimes appears on the Tamagotchi's screen. That image tells that the Tamagotchi has gone to a stroll. Usually, the Tamagotchi character will come back on its own after a certain amount of time, but it may be returned to the screen when selecting and using the "Praise" icon and then using the motion or the sound sensors.

Your Tamagotchi will pray at certain times during the day, When doing so, the Tamagotchi will beep, and you will need to praise it. Doing so will raise your good deeds meter, and your angel is willing to do good deeds for you. When you get pass teen stage, and when it's at its adult stage, when it prays, shooting stars will be falling in the background.
The Tamagotchi Angel, aswell as the other original Tamagotchis, has only one game. The objective of the game is to dodge the shooting stars comming at you. For each game, you must do this a minimum of five times.
When your angel gets sick, a skull will show up on the screen. This will tell you that your tamagotchi needs curing from sickness. If your angel's sickness cannot be cured, then that means that your angel is going to die. When it dies like this, the screen of your Tamagotchi will then say "Bad End." However, it is rather ironic, since the entire theme is the afterlife of dead Tamagotchi characters.
This icon is used to clean the poop off the screen of your Tamagotchi. The icon of this was a butt with wings, but was changed for publishing reasons. It would either be a: -Roll of toilet paper -A rubber ducky
During the day, turning off the lights would be dangerous, due to the fact that your angel would get very sick, or possibly even die. The only time you should turn off the lights of your angel, is when it's sleeping.

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