Earthbound (Super NES, 1995)

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Life is peaceful in the small town of Onett. Everything is right with the world.

Suddenly, you're startled awake by a loud crash. You grab your cap and head outside to see what caused the noise. After climbing a hill and sneaking by the police, you learn the truth: It's a meteor!

So begins the expedition of a young boy to save the world in Earthbound, a humorous RPG set not in the world of dragons, knights, and wizards, but right here on Earth.

Discovering the meteor is just the beginning. On your adventure, you'll face enemies like the Pogo Punk and Rowdy Mouse, and brandish killer baseball bats and deadly yo-yos. You'll also meet new friends that will aid in your quest to defeat the evil Giygas.

Expect wacky, off-the-wall fun, plenty of challenging battles and a long, epic quest on your way to stopping the alien invasion in Earthbound. The game contains battery-backed memory to record your progress and includes an 128-page Player's Guide.

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