Elvira's Night Brew 6 Pack of Bottles un-opened FOR SALE

Elvira and Coors Light Elvira was signed on to Coors Beer Company and became the first female spooksperson to endorse a national beer. Every Halloween Coors beer saw an enormous rise in sales during their "Elvira" promotions. Little did she know that Coors would slowly begin to attempt to tone down her image. By requesting her to cover her cleavage with her hair, and pose in ways that would minimize the amount of 'skin' that was visible in the Coors advertisements and store promotional stand ups. Not only did Coors try to alter her image they began to harass her about her affiliation with the horror genré in films. Rumors have it they began insinuating a possibility that she was a Satan Worshiper. Or some kind of 'Cultess' which clashed with their 'Christian Family Image.' Needless to say Elvira was not pleased with the linking of her fun, sexy character with such cults. Her affiliation with Coors soon became rocky.

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